December 30

Pool Smash: MiningPros.Online vs

As a miner, it is best to know where you can efficiently mine with your rigs. A good number of pools prop-up here and there like mushrooms. Some pools have great eye-candy with inefficient systems, some have an efficient system with hidden schemes.

Today, we will be testing two pools for mining Akroma. Both pools are administered by great people, with two different solutions.

Impressions: both pool operators claimed something new and better is/was implemented on their respective pools on top of the basic package that comes with Open Ethereum Pool for and with MiningCore for

Both pool have approachable admins via discord and all communications and/or observation this tester shares is from discord direct messages and the official Akroma Discord Channel.

For both pools – along with their claims of improvement – this tester expects something new other than the typical canned features e.g. slow/stuck payments, delayed/prolonged hash monitoring, better yield.

So comes this test.

Testing parameters:

  • Two rigs near-identical rigs will be used. Each rig has 12 RX570 Sapphire cards with modded bios and located in the same cabinet;
  • Both rigs will be using Claymore 12 under a wonderful system called EthOS;
  • Both rigs will be using new wallets, clean slate;
  • Test will be conducted for at least 2 hours, efficiency will be computed on a yield per hash computation;
  • Both rigs are routed using MikroTik RouterOS wherein NAT for both rigs can be disabled/enabled simultaneously;
  • Test Address 1: 0x6f69b8721ad5aC461e56EC3fc4E86c48B808BCB1
  • Test Address 2: 0x6fBcA1E476a8cC2cef836A3242Aad139d879F44A

Technologies used by pools:

From what we gathered, uses the open-ethereum-pool, has a 1% pool fee on a PROP payment scheme while uses the MiningCore system, has a 1.5% pool fee on a PPLNS payment scheme. Both pools implement an hourly payout with having a minimum of 3AKA while has a 2AKA minimum.

Goal of test:

In this test, we intend to find out which system is better in mining ethash and will use the akroma project as one of the testing tools.

Miner Settings:
The test commenced at 21:59 Manila Time with the settings below:

both miners are now hashing with minimal hash difference
screenshot of pool hash rates as of 22:13 Manila Time
At, our miner with 361Mh/s on Claymore registered 323.63Mh/s on the dashboard.
At, our miner with 351Mh/s on Claymore registered 344.95Mh/s on the dashboard.

Estimated yield will be posted here by 23:00 Manila Time based on Akroma’s official discord bot.

Estimated yield based on the official Akroma bot in Discord as of 23:00 Manila Time:

  • 350Mh/s = 7.92 AKA (0.10$) per hour and 190.18 AKA (2.29$) per day
  • 360Mh/s = 8.15 AKA (0.10$) per hour and 195.62 AKA (2.35$) per day
Rigs Status as of 23:17 Manila Time

Payment Update: as of 00:03 Manila Time – around two hours since test commenced

we received 14.051410297558 in two payments from
we received 9.411789825 in a single payment from
Latency between test location and respective pools while running the test, pinging from Asia Region
the two test rigs, photo taken during test

Update – after 9 hours 41 minutes, we got the following:

  • total paid – 88.36569242612 AKA
  • total paid – 92.587591203AKA
test rigs uptime
payments from
payments from

13th hour update:

payments from and after 13 hours of hashing

Culmination: both miners were shutdown through their common circuit breaker at 22:00 December 31, 2018 Manila time. Waiting for the rest of pending payments, if any, to be released before we complete this Pool Smash.

Hash Monitoring:’s hash monitor employs the default OEP configuration of a 3-hour average system while’s hash monitor pick’s up our hash in around 45 minutes.

Technical Issues:

No known major technical issues to worried of during the test.

Support Level:

Both pool admins were actively reachable during the test to clarify matters. While this tester has been mining for a considerable while, we also tried to hit the admins with noobish questions to try and push them to their wits’s end.

Final Yield:

With a 351Mhs rig pointed to’s Akroma pool, our test rig got 252.253303431369 AKA. This translates to 0.7186703801463504/Mhs AFTER a 1.5% pool fee was taken.

As of 2018-12-31 23:15 Manila Time,’s hourly payment did not kick-in. A pending balance of 3.72649287AKA is still pending at their pool, for the purposes of objectivity, we will include it on the total computed yield.

With a 361Mhs rig pointed to’s Arkoma pool, our test rig got 245.57761161 AKA. This translates to 0.6802703922714681/Mhs AFTER a 1% pool fee was taken.

As for payments being timely,’s first payment came at 2018-12-30 22:42:57 as can be verified here while’s first payment came at 2018-12-30 23:37:15 as can be verified here.

Aside from the above issue about the initial payout, both pools did pay on a timely (hourly) manner.

Given the above results, we can clearly see a 5.64481246150699% increase in performance using’s implementation using MiningCore.

Now, imagine if you were mining Ethereum or Ethereum Classic with that efficiency boost.

Recommendation: As of writing, between and, this tester highly recommends

This tester expresses gratitude to the admins/operators of both pools for the professionalism in assisting the test fairly. Both admins/operators can be contacted via discord are both professionals and approachable.

Congratulations to the in having an efficient miner as of writing!

Special mention to the author of MiningCore – Oliver from Coinfoundry, another wonderful and supportive pool with great etiquette.

Happy Hashing and may you all have a wonderful year of 2019 ahead!