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How to Configure a MikroTik Router as a Hotspot

The MikroTik router is one of the easiest to configure router when it comes to hotspots. In this post, you will learn the basic procedure to configure your mikrotik router.

This guide assumes that you are getting internet via DHCP from your ISP’s modem-router.


Step 1: Access your MikroTik RouterBoard via winbox.

Step 2: Choose an interface as your WAN. In this example, we will choose ether1. To do this, we click on IP — DHCP Client.


A DHCP client box will appear, as shown below. Just click the ‘+’ button to create a DHCP client. A DHCP client settings box will appear. In this example, we will choose ether1 as interface for WAN. You may choose another interface as you wish. Click OK when done.

Step 3: Verify that your MikroTik RouterBoard is getting an ip address from your ISP, as shown in the example below:


Step 4: We will now assign an IP Address to the hotspot interface. In this example, we will use ether5 as the hotspot interface. The same procedure can be done with other interfaces like SFP or WLAN. To do this, click on IP — Addresses, as shown below:

The Addresses List box then appear, see example below:

Click on the ‘+’ button to add an address to an interface. The “new address” box will then appear, this is where will choose the interface – in this examples, we use ether5 – then assign the ip address. In this example, we assigned as the interface address. When the address is added this way, there is no need to fill the Network field. After selecting the interface and assigning the ip address, click ‘OK’ to proceed.


Step 5: We will now configure the hotspot. Click IP — Hotspot:

Step 6: The Hotspot Box will appear, as shown in the image below:

Click on the “Hotspot Setup” button. The hotspot interface selection box will appear. In this example, we will choose ether5, then click next.

It will show you the IP address of the hotspot, just click next.

It will show you the IP range for your hotspot clients, just click next.

It will ask you for a certificate, this is not really necessary, just choose none then click next.

It will ask you for SMTP address, you can ignore this and just click next.

It will then ask you for a DNS server. Ideally, you will specify your desired DNS in this place. To keep it, let’s just leave this blank for now. Click next.

It will ask you for a DNS name. This actually refers to your hotspot router, this is what your customers will access via browser in order to login with their vouchers. To make it simple, put “login.wifi” then click next.

It will now ask you to assign a user. By default, it uses the username admin. You can put in your favorite password here. We do not recommend the use of this account though, so just fill it up to complete the setup and you can remove it later. Click next.

Your MikroTik Hotspot is now ready.

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