April 18

Install Adminer on Ubuntu

At times, we all want to simplify database management. While some prefer to use the command line interface, a good number of administrators will love to have a simple gui.

I started out with phpMyAdmin almost a decade ago for some quick database related tasks. Lately, I found adminer and loved its simplicity.

Pre-requisites: LAMP server

Step 1: Login to your Ubuntu Server via SSH.

Step 2: Update and Upgrade your server

[sourcecode language=”plain”]apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y[/sourcecode]

Step 3: Create a directory for adminer

[sourcecode language=”plain”]mkdir /usr/share/adminer[/sourcecode]

Step 4: Download and install the latest version of adminer

[sourcecode language=”plain”]wget "http://www.adminer.org/latest.php" -O /usr/share/adminer/latest.php[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”plain”]ln -s /usr/share/adminer/latest.php /usr/share/adminer/adminer.php[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”plain”]echo "Alias /adminer.php /usr/share/adminer/adminer.php" | tee /etc/apache2/conf-available/adminer.conf[/sourcecode]

[sourcecode language=”plain”]a2enconf adminer.conf[/sourcecode]

Step 5: Restart apache

[sourcecode language=”plain”]service apache2 restart[/sourcecode]

You can now access adminer via:


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